Brand Idea

D-MADERA is a new brand which I conceived to identify my creations.

My 20 years of experience, aquired in the furniture industry, is present in all my designs. The brand has a double meaning; "madera" in Spanish means 'wood' so from the pronunciation "de madera" one can understand the material used. The second meaning is more studied: D-MADERA is also an acronym; the letter "D" stands for Damiano, the "RA" at the end stands for Ragnolini and the word "made" is between the two. (You decide which is your favourite!)


A Veronese artisan with 20 years’ experience in interior painting, Damiano Ragnolini has been nourishing his desire to create objects that represent his work and contain elements of design, luxury and fashion, detaching them from the world of strictly interior furnishings, after lengthy period of research born from the idea of wooden bags. Only “noble” woods are used: ebony, rosewood, teak and mahogany, materials used in the past for luxury furnishings, particulary in the nautical world.

This is the real made in Italy!

"The art of the Italian is in beauty."